Dress Shop Names – Unique Names

Dress Shop Names – Unique Names

Opening a dress shop is always a great idea. However, the right name for your business is quite essential. You need to pick a name that’s eye-catching and conveys your value for your brand. In addition, your dress shop name needs to turn heads. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right spot. This article will provide many unique, catchy and innovative dress shop names. These names can serve as an inspiration to get your creativity working to help you get the right name for your venture. 

When you’re trying to start a new business, many things go through your mind, but one thing you need to get right to ensure it reflects excellently on the brand is the name. Naming the business is a big step because that’s the first contact customers will have with your brand. Therefore, you need an attractive, cool, and original name. We know how challenging it can be, so read this article for all the unique dress shop names you can find.

20 Unique Dress Shop Names to Explore

One note is that you have a fashion company and still name your dress shop differently. There are different dress shops out there that have their name. We’ve researched for you, and below are some of the catchy dress shop names you can use. 

  • Eva Dreams
  • Custom Apparel
  • Fashion Sense
  • Flirty Skirt
  • Delicate Style
  • Covert Dress
  • Lilies and Roses
  • On Fleek Dress Shop
  • Coco’s Touch
  • Fashion Room
  • Splendid Style
  • Magnifique Fashion
  • Dressing Delights
  • Fashion is Us
  • Style Loft
  • Milky fashion
  • So Chic
  • A Dressy Story
  • Predictable Style
  • Blue and Bright

25 Catchy Dress Shop Names

If you’re starting your dress shop, you want the name to be catchy. After all, how will your potential customers locate you if your business isn’t engaging and eye-catching? Getting your business off the ground can be hard if customers don’t find the name memorable. Picking a catchy name is no work in the park; you have to brainstorm, which can be stressful.

We’ve decided to make it easier for you, and below are many catchy dress shop names you can pick from. These names range from trendy to traditional; there’s sure to be one that catches your eye.

  • Wild Flower
  • Ever After Dress Shops
  • Poppy Styles
  • Rainbow Fashion
  • Blush Store
  • _____ Closet
  • Sweet Touch Boutique
  • Beyond Trends
  • Primrose Store
  • Bumblebee Fashion 
  • Country Girl Stop
  • Pink Fashion
  • Magnifique Dress
  • Your Little Dress Shop
  • Step Up
  • Dress Up Fashion
  • Cinderella’s Style
  • Charming Closet
  • Exclusive Style
  • Trend Setter
  • Intimate Apparels
  • Ooh La La
  • Beach Babe
  • Trendy Fashion Stop
  • Dancewear Dress Shop

15 Stylish Dress Shop Names

If you’re looking for something stylish, we’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ll be exploring the stylish and unique dress shop names you can utilize for your business.

  • American Touch
  • Fashion Factory
  • Style Stop
  • Step In, Stand Out
  • Stitch It Up
  • Classy and Curvy
  • Missy Style
  • Model Mix
  • The Wardrobe
  • Vintage Closet
  • Clothing Palette
  • Infatuations
  • Spotlight Style
  • ________ Street Shop
  • ________ Clothing Shop

20 Baby Dress Shop Names

Baby fashion is always going to be a hot business, so it’s a great idea if you want to target your dress shop to a category. Babies are very cute, and by offering personalized outfits, matching sets, rompers, and many more fashionable baby outfits, you’re in business. However, you can’t name a baby dress shop like every other. You need something easy to remember and will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Below are some cool baby dress shop names you can explore to spark your creative energy.

  • Bebe Chic
  • Teddy Bear
  • Steady Hands
  • Kids’ Corner
  • Cuties World
  • Lil’ Darlings
  • Babies & Fashion
  • Comfort for Kids
  • Bump & Babies
  • Swaddles and All
  • The Babies Fashion Update
  • Baby Heaven
  • Bear Hugs
  • Soft Touch
  • iKidz
  • Ladybug Style
  • Little Tooties
  • Rock It Out
  • Cozy Cribs
  • Baby Bump Fashion Store

20 French-Inspired Dress Shop Names

Sometimes, you want your dress shop to stand out, and one way to do that is to include a unique language in the mix. French is a loved language, and France is a fashion stop; check out these French-inspired names for your dress shop.

  • C’est La Vie Dress Shop
  • French Kiss
  • Sleek Chic
  • Paris Bound
  • Mon Amor Dress Shop
  • Cheeky Chic
  • French Chiffon
  • Rose Riviera
  • Sleek Chic
  • Chateaux
  • Bien Habille
  • Fleur Dress Shop
  • Oui Fashion
  • Merci
  • Tres Chic
  • That’s Vogue
  • Fashion Atelier
  • Haute Couture 
  • J’aime la Mode
  • Chapeau Chic

15 Italian-Inspired Dress Shop Names

Do you want to name your boutique something Italian? Then, you’ve made an excellent choice. Many Spanish brands are out there, and they’re always performing excellently in their marketing campaign. Most Italian brands have names that are quite easy to pronounce while remaining memorable. From the sign to the cards, the right name will stick in your customers’ minds long ater they leave your store. Therefore, you must choose the right name. Below are some of the best Italian-Inspired dress shop names you can utilize.

  • Piacenza
  • Ciao Grazia
  • San Lorenzo
  • Galeria Chic
  • Milan Chica
  • La Rosa
  • Moda Bella
  • Via del Corso
  • Simona
  • San Benedetto
  • Italia Dress Shop
  • Vittorio Fashion
  • Florence Fashion
  • Eleonora
  • Mimosa

Western Dress Shop Names to Explore

Recently, more boutiques have been seeking the Western theme. Therefore, this theme has become more popular. This might make you feel like you’ll be competing with several other Western-themed shops. However, a brand name will help your business stand out. Below, you’ll find some excellent dress shop names to explore in this section. They’re great for dress shops and applies to the different fashion market.

  • The Ranch
  • Saddle Up
  • Midnight Chaps
  • Big Sky
  • Cowgirl Up
  • Spurs and Leather
  • Fairway Rider
  • Cowgirl Chic
  • Midnight Chap
  • The Outfitters
  • Stage Stop Fashion
  • Western Fever
  • Cattle Call Dress Shop
  • Rodeo Ride
  • Horse Power Fashion Store
  • Wagons and Cowboy Fashion

20 Lady Dress Shop Name

There’s been a lot of discussion about lady dress shops recently, and there are various histories attached to these stops and the featured that make them unique. Sometimes, these dress shops are more than just a place to shop for dresses; they also serve as a place to create a social and cultural network. If you want to create a place where ladies can come and shop while still being part of a small community, you’ll need a name to attract them to the shop. Below is a collection of lady dress shop names you can check out.

  • Belle Dress Shop
  • Baby Depot
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Taste & Style
  • Dess Infatuate
  • Spring Fashion shop
  • Cosabella
  • Periwinkle Boutique
  • Blessed Dresses
  • Foreva Fashion
  • Retro Look
  • Dressiva
  • Timeless
  • Elegant Fabrics
  • Double Up
  • Shop & Talk
  • Dreamy Style
  • Dresstatic
  • Well-Dressed
  • Day Look

17 Men Dress Shop Names

Another type of dress shop you could open to create a community is a men’s dress shop. Again, you need a unique name to attract men to fashion stores exclusively for them. In addition, it shows your potential customers how creative and unique your shop is. Below are some catchy names you can use for a dress shop targeted at men.

  • Street Style
  • Bespoke Fashion
  • Excellent Touch
  • Suitable Fashion
  • Routine Corner
  • Elegance
  • Star Style
  • Better Fashion
  • Brickhouse Fashion
  • Next Level Fashion
  • Namster
  • Shop Fab Apparels
  • Aesthetic Fashion
  • Fit Sportswear
  • Consistent Style
  • Address with Style
  • Blooming Taste

How to Brainstorm Dress Shop Names

Consider many things once you start brainstorming names for your dress shop. Below are some of the tips to help you come up with the right name for your business.

Use Your Name

One of the ideal ways to come up with a name for your store is by using your name. Take cues from companies like Louis VuittonHermes, and more. That’s right; you’re the dress shop owner, so you can let people know who the boss is by incorporating your name in your dress shop name. If you’ve dreamed of getting popular, you can start with the name of your shop. 

Using your name is simple, and it also gives a personalized shopping experience to your target audience. Your customers can sense your pride of ownership when your name features in your dress shop name. It will convey that items in your dress shops are personal and individually selected.

Utilize Fashionable Terms

Another tip to utilize when searching for dress shop names is to use words closely related to fashion. For example, you can add the type of clothes you see to get an idea of what people will find if they walk into your store. For example, if it’s a jewelry store, you can name it Stones & Sparkles or the Bracelet Shop. On the other hand, if the type of items you’ll be selling in your dress shop is party gowns, then make the name related.

Include Your Location

When naming your dress shop, you can also include your location. This won’t just be memorable; it helps customers easily locate your dress shop again because it is part of your dress name. A name that includes your location also tells your customer you’re here to stay.

Think About Your Audience

Additionally, you should think about the audience you’re trying to target when you’re picking the ideal name for you dress shop. If you want to target a certain crowd, gender, or age group, your dress shop name can help you achieve this. Some names feel mature, while some feel cooler, younger, and hipper. Pick your audience and craft your business name to target that audience. 

Ask for Advice from Family & Friends

It’s okay if you seek help from your family and friends. Sometimes, the ideas from your loved ones are what you need to come up with the right name for your brand. Therefore, you should recruit family and friends. They’re among the people who would be shopping at your dress shop, so they can tell you names they’ll be willing to shop at. 

Incorporate Your Core Values

The name you pick must represent your mission, values, and vision excitingly and memorably. Your dress shop names also determine the impression you’re giving out. The name needs to attract the exact customer you’re looking for and fit the style you’ll be offering in your store. 

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Final Thoughts

Naming your dress shop is one of the most important decisions you would make in your business. It’s an identity that will last forever for your business. It is the foundation for your branding, so you must choose carefully. The right name will have a tremendous effect on your business. It will help you stand out and promote your business. Check out these dress shop names for inspiration you can use to create the perfect name for your dress shop.

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