Eyewear Campaign Ideas and Strategies for You

Eyewear Campaign Ideas and Strategies for You


Eyewear refers to a thing or device worn over the eyes. Just like clothes, forms of eyewear vary by function. People use eyewear for various reasons, including fashion, protecting the eyes from sun rays, enhancing sight, and correcting sight defects. Based on these functions, forms of eyewear include; contact lenses, eyeglasses, protective goggles, and the likes.

Being used by people across different age groups, gender, and geographical location, eyewear is in high demand in the 21st-century market. Hence, either you are in the eyewear business already, or you are considering starting, the eyewear business is very lucrative! However, like other commodities in high demand, it is a competitive market. Therefore, you need campaigns to reach your desired consumer and maximize sales and profit.

To this extent, this article will help you with Eyewear campaign ideas and strategies that you can use or apply to achieve your eyewear business goals. 

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  • Eyewear Campaign Ideas and Strategies for You

First, let’s look at the Eyewear Market today.

The Eyewear Market Today

The eyewear market is indeed a large one. In the world today, a higher percentage of adults use at least a form of eyewear. According to the Vision Council, about 75% of adults in the world need vision correction. Of these, 64% use eyeglasses, while 11% use contact lenses. You should also note that this does not account for those who only wear fashion glasses and sunshades. 

In addition, a good number of people in need of vision correction do not use one, especially among developing nations. People who need but can’t get vision correction are estimated to be about 1billion. What this implies that there is quite a good number of people your campaign can reach. Eyeglasses are more cost-effective, so people demand them more than any other vision correction alternatives.

The eyewear market in the world promises to be larger and better in years to come. According to statistics, the global eyewear market had an estimated worth of $138.7 billion in 2019. By 2021, it has increased to $162.08 billion and, by prediction, will increase to about $258.63 billion by 2027. 

A market growing at this rate is a good one to explore and exploit. Also, with the population in need of vision correction globally, you can make a lot of income if you employ just the right campaign strategies.

Why Eyewear Campaign is Important

A campaign involves a series of operations taken to achieve a set goal. Maximizing sales of eyewear requires an effective campaign, just like any other product or service. People don’t know you and your product unless you advertise it to them. The goal here is brand publicity, sales and profit maximization, and general business development. If you run an Eyewear business, you need an Eyewear campaign. However, it is crucial to have many ideas and strategies to pick from as you may require a series of continuous campaign activities.

An important question you may be asking now is, “Why do I need a campaign?” Among many other reasons, there is a significant fact; you have many competitors. As a result of growth in the eyewear market, many people are doing the same thing as you. Hence, you must ‘up your game.’

There are countless campaign ideas, but not all are well suited for you. The one(s) you can use is a function of what you aim to achieve, your target consumer, and what your business can afford. A good number of eyewear campaign ideas and strategies have been highlighted for you in this article. You should use them as they apply to your set goals and target population.

Eyewear Campaign Ideas and Strategies for You

Here is a list of eyewear campaign strategies and ideas you can employ to help scale up your eyewear business;


The first and most important thing to put in place is your brand. There is a need for a clear definition and consistent representation of your eyewear products. This cuts across the name, logo, slogan, or even color scheme. It helps distinguish you from competitors and helps your patients or customers easily find you either online or on-site. There is no campaign without a brand. Your branding itself does a lot of work regarding marketing, advertisement, and publicity. Make it clear and consistent.


Creating a standard website is another essential campaign strategy, even for eyewear. This strategy is limited to online prospects. However, in an internet world, most of your prospects are online. Set up your website according to your branding and make it easily suggestible by search engines. Your website gives your eyewear products a classic look and gives you an avenue to engage your users. You can post pieces of information about eyewear and eyecare regularly and enable feedback. 


It is crucial to get and record feedback from every existing eye patient or customer. It keeps them in touch and also gives you something to share with your prospects. Obtain testimonials from existing customers and put them on your website for people to peruse. Testimonials help foster trust towards your brand as such testimonies will encourage and attract eyewear users to your brand. You can obtain testimonials in the form of video or written and make them available on your online platforms, especially your website and social media platform(s).

Social Media

Using Social Media platforms and their features and functions is one of the most effective campaign strategies today. Interestingly, it is almost free. All you need is to sign up on your chosen social media platform and dedicate some online time to managing and using your social media account(s). Most people today are available online and can be reached at a click of a button. If you are strategic about your eyewear campaign, social media is where to make things happen. You can introduce many to your website via your social media profile, intimate them to your products by your posts and content and engage eyewear users from all over the world. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are good for you!

Paid Ads

Here is where you start spending on online campaigns. With a small payment, you can run a sponsored advertisement on a social media platform to reach a larger crowd of hundreds of millions of people at once. Every campaign aims to reach people. Sponsored or paid Ads will help you get more than your posts and content can. Although it is limited to people online, using Paid Ads is one of the most effective campaign ideas you can employ for your eyewear market maximization. 

Mass media adverts

Apart from social media, you can take your campaign to other mass media platforms like; Television channels, Radio, Newspapers, and magazines. You can also reach many people through mass media, although not as much as you can reach through social media. However, this may be more cost-effective. Since more eyewear users are the aged, television and newspapers can be even more effective than social media ads.

Token for referrals

To appreciate referrals, you can give a token or free eyewear. Freebies are vital campaign tools. When people are rewarded for referring your brand to others, they feel compensated and appreciated for such service and are motivated to do it or encouraged to continue referring your brand to friends and family. To carry out an effective campaign, you must be willing and able to spend. However, the result at the end of the day will be your compensation. It is always worth the while if done strategically.

Shopping experience

Either physical or online, there is a need to create a customer-friendly reception and shopping experience. It makes people want to come back and makes it easy to refer someone else to your business. In your bid to reach people, you must treat them with honor and warmth. This is not only applicable in a physical eyewear shop setting but also if you are selling online. Your manner of approach to potential customers/patients and response to their inquiries and orders matters a lot in your eyewear campaign. Be strategic, be intentional!

Discount offers on purchase

Every buyer likes to spend less to purchase more (either in quality or quantity). Offering discounts occasionally is a very compelling idea to attract more prospects and keep existing customers/patients. You can do this at inception to introduce your brand. Nevertheless, make discount terms clear and ensure profit is made regardless. Discounts may reduce your gain on each product but must not bring about loss. The expected result is an increase in the number of sales.

Hire marketing help

If one of your weaknesses is marketing, you should consider hiring marketing help. Someone well trained and experienced in creating and executing marketing/advertisement ideas can make all the difference. It is often not about the number of campaigns you do or the number of ideas you employ but how you execute them. You may need someone with the know-how in your team.


A significant proportion of those who need vision correction but do not have an eyeglass or contact lens have limited or no access to both the internet and digital media. There are optical medical outreaches to such people in rural areas or countryside that you can volunteer to be part of by making your product available. You can also hold your outreaches where your eyewear product can be sold at much less or given for free to some people. It helps puts your brand name in the mouth of those who cannot reach you online.

Street campaign

This strategy may be old-fashioned but effective to reach people who are absent online. You can take your eyewear products to the street and publicize as you sell using; public address systems or placards to introduce your brand to a good number of people and make sales as you advertise.


If you are just about to start your eyewear business, these highlighted strategies and ideas will help you set up well and introduce your brand and products to eyewear users. However, ensure you have quality goods and solid branding before initiating any of these ideas. If you are already in the business, you can also use these strategies to help scale your business. 

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Eyewear Campaign Ideas and Strategies for You Eyewear Campaign Ideas and Strategies for You. The ideas, insights, and strategies you need to run a successful eyewear business or scale up your existing business.
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