Gen Z Fashion Trends- What To Look Out For

Gen Z Fashion Trends


Fashion continually evolves as time goes by. Even so, its evolution is cyclic yet enticing and beautiful. Due to its periodic nature, its trends are mainly influenced by the youthful population. Today, this active population is Generation Z or Gen Z. The term Gen Z represents people born between 1997 and 2013. They are successors of the millennials, otherwise known as Gen X, and predecessors of the Alpha generation.

Gen Z fashion trends have always been dynamic from year to year. While some trends stayed from one year to another, others fazed out for newer ideas or old recycled styles. Most of these Gen Z fashion trends were celebrity-driven. However, it seemed every movement had a different feel and was widely accepted. The periods of 2015 to 2021 saw a change of preferences among both genders, such that females adopted more male styles and vice versa. These changes created more room for the unisex market to flourish.

This article points out what to look for among Gen Z fashion trends.

  • Old-School Trends From The 90s
  • Stripes and Patterns
  •  Grandpa Fashion Among Gen Z
  • Power Suits For Women
  • Pearly Designs For Young Fashion Lovers
  • Sustainable Outfits
  • Mum Jeans
  • Slits and Tennis Fashion
  • Cardigans
  • Bogus Trousers
  • Fluid Fashion
  • Bright Colors 

Old-School Trends From The 90s

As usual, fashion trends happen in eternal cycles, fading out and returning with a different sense of use. Gen Z is rapidly adopting some prevalent fashion trends from the 1990s that the then-timers abandoned. The creator of Shop the City, Sahra Brandt, noted the re-emergence of movements from the 90s and early 21st century. After bucket hats were a prevalent trend in the 90s, they stayed extinct until recently, as they have begun to stay afloat on fashion waters in several designs and colors. There have also been trends from the days of young millennials, like cut-outs, colored sunglasses, thin baguette bags, etc. According to Brandt, some young millennials will participate in Gen Z fashion trends.

Stripes and Patterns

In 2021, a new trend began, introducing patterned outfits and pinstriped suits. Patterned clothes are the latest go-for fashion trend among Gen Z. These styles seem casual; however, they are the fashion choice for men’s runway shows. They depict simplicity with class and are a watched-out suit trend today. Based on their calm and soothing designs, the trending patterns to go for are stripe, tartan, brocade, and check. These styles fit properly on trousers, jackets, shirts, and cardigans.

Grandpa Fashion Among Gen Z

Grandpa fashion is on the high rise now. In 2021 spring, a popular journal noted that Gen Zs were taking on the pap styles and intended to imitate more elderly fashions. To this effect, the Chinese app, Tiktok has a grandpacore hashtag (#grandpacore) with about 15 million plays. Also, the American visual app, Instagram, has accounts that support this trend. Some of the accounts include @chinatownpreety and @gramparents. Based on a review by Trendnalytics, grandpa fashion is expected to be the new movement among Gen Z fashion trends in 2022 and will be present in both genders. Recently, there has been an increased demand for oversized cardigans by over 172%, grandpop sweaters by about 158%, and loosened jeans by about 7%. Also, the head of the LRL Group speculates that cable-knit sweaters and dorky designs will be highly sought after. A spotted celebrity that is fueling this grandpa trend is Harry Styles.

Power Suits For Women

A celebrity stylist, Jason Style, noted that the power suit would be ranked among the top Gen Z fashion trends in 2022. While men and women wear the suit, it is seen to trend more among ladies because of the recent colorful and elegant designs. The pandemic plunged many women into leadership and business roles, according to Style. Hence, they needed to look professional while carrying out their duties and activities without appearing less fashionable.

Pearly Designs For Young Fashion Lovers

Pearls are timeless in fashion. Based on their history of utility, costs, and contribution to the fashion industry, they are wanted by many fashion lovers. Pinterest made a report about pearls, expressing that pearls have increased in utility as ornamental touches. They are seen to be styled with different Gen Z products to create new stunning looks on their wearers. Some pearl design outcomes are pearl gowns, pearl rings, and other aesthetics. According to a fashion professional, Deni Todorovič, pearls in fashion design will create lustrous looks on their users. An example of this fact is Barbie Ferreira’s outfit at the Met Gala in 2021, in which she styled a dress crusted with pearls. 

A fashion stylist, Amanda Sanders, remarked that couturiers had done a lot to make pearly designs more attractive to Gen Zs, hence why it is listed among Gen Z fashion trends. This trend is being promoted by celebrities like A$AP Rocky, Pharrell, Harry Mendes, and others in various youthful industries. The pearl fashion is widely promoted on Tiktok, with the pearlcore hashtag (#peralcore), and has had more than 70,000 views. More so, it is expected to be included in Bridgerton’s March premier, raising the publicity and adoption of the trend.

Sustainable Outfits

According to a remark by Kat Eves, sustainable designs and ethical styles will be hit trends soon. Sustainable wear has been a popular option among Gen Z and is beginning to make more giant waves this period. Some of these styles include recycled vintage designs and other options. She envisages the sustainable wear trend because celebrities and trendfuelers are styling repeated outfits and opting for vintage products. Zendaya, who styled a vintage gown by Roberto Cavalli, is an example of this. This usage speculation also means that brands that promote sustainability and ethicality will gain more prominence.

Look Out For Mum Jeans

More so, mum jeans are gaining widespread adoption in different parts of the world. The mum jean trend began in 2021 and is one of the overall Gen Z fashion trends. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Lara Bingle are drivers for this pant style. Just like the Grandpa fashion, mum jeans offer a sense of maturity and comfort during usage. Although they seem casual, they are a prevalent fashion style. 

Slits and Tennis Fashion

Slits, tennis skirts, and recreational dresses are in vogue. TikTok influencers mainly fueled the tennis skirt trend before it gained popularity. It is still expected to remain the top skirt fashion style for many females because it is chic and an ultimate outfit choice. Many ladies cannot overlook the want and adoption of slit dresses and skirts. For many Gen Z ladies, slit outfits display their elegance and earn them compliments that give them a sense of confidence. More so, they offer a good level of comfort. Slit dresses that are fashionable for Gen Z women include front, side, and back slits.


The use of cardigans has increasingly been incorporated as a fashion trend. Last year, celebrities styled knitwear, which spurred the clothe’s fame. Examples of stars in this category are designer Zoë Kravitz and stylist Alexa Chung. Mary Francis, a wardrobe stylist, asserted that cardigans would be a significant wardrobe feature in 2022, as many Gen Z males and females will style them as jackets.

Bogus Trousers

Observers have discovered that bogus trousers will trend a lot this year. Gone are the days of tight pants, as many prefer to wear wide trousers for the sake of comfort and style. Gen Z ladies popularly loved to wear tight trousers years before 2017. From 2018 to 2020, there was a mixed-use of skinny and bogus trousers. These pants of opposite designs had an almost equal trend rate due to preference and utility. However, a fashion stylist noted that straight cuts were mainly used alongside wide pants. However, based on surveys, the choice for wide-legged jeans and trousers is gaining the upper hand by experts and users alike. This move is partly due to the change in trends of complimentary wear like tops and shoes and the ease of use in several places like schools, offices, etc. In essence, wide-legged pants will be used casually and professionally as one of the Gen Z fashion trends.

Fluid Fashion

Fashion fluidity is a noticeable trend among Gen Z compared to earlier generations. The cultural nature of fashion has shifted a lot from its gender border system into unisex operations. It is widely known that Gen Z has a neutral clothing phenomenon, allowing outfits to be equally used by both sexes. Hence, this fashion fluidity has gained ground recently and will remain significant for a long time. Top fashion brands, celebrities, and trendfuelers are taking on this new system, promoting it among Gen Z fashion trends. 

Bright Colors

Many fashion stylists and professionals opine that this season’s significant Gen Z trend will be bright colors on clothes. They also stated that designers would experiment with several shiny colors to give their customers better color styles for every trial and launch. According to observations, young individuals do not have color boundaries as they do not feel limited to specific color mixes. They can mix yellow trousers with pink cardigans and not feel shy or absurd. The significant colors to look out for are red, orange, pink, and blue.


Gen Z is an active population with dynamic fashion styles. While some of its members prefer to stick to outdated fashion trends, others love to follow every latest detail. Many of their movements are sponsored and promoted by celebrities. Gen Z fashion trends recycle obsolete styles with uniqueness in every evolution. Accessories like slim shades, black and neon sunglasses, ankle socks, and neon socks are expected to be in the picture as they have been widely used in recent times.

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