Givenchy History Case Study

Givenchy History Case Study

If you remember the little black dress from The Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you know how long Givenchy has revolutionized the styling wardrobe. The person behind this fashionable item is Hubert de Givenchy, the founder of the Givenchy Fashion House. Givenchy is a French fashion brand making haute couture clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and perfumes. Givenchy’s history in the fashion world began in 152 with Hubert de Givenchy.

When House Givenchy first entered the Paris fashion scene, it immediately made a mark on women’s clothing with a stunning approach. Many bold fashionistas rated Givenchy’s unique designs, but his style was still tricky for some people. Givenchy’s choices inspired him personally and also those around him. His fashion pieces were less about celebrating the bodies of women and more about defying set traditions and producing abstract shapes. This earned him the name ‘Picasso, version of dressmaker. In this article, we’ll walk through Givenchy’s history to learn how the brand made its mark in the fashion world. 

Givenchy History – Hubert De Givenchy

Hubert is far more than a couturier; he is a creator of personality. Many iconic stars of the 20th century love Hubert de Givenchy and his unique style. Some include Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Wallis Simpson. Givenchy’s name is synonymous with Parisian chic and has been for over 50 years. Givenchy officially sold the label in 1988 and then watched his brand go from strength to strength under some of the best fashion designers in the industry, from Alexander McQueen to Riccardo Tisci and John Galliano. Now, this founder is in his eighties and away from the fashion spotlight. He only emerges occasionally to comment on top fashion occasions like the royal wedding.

Givenchy History – The Fashion House History

Hubert de Givenchy founded the Givenchy House in 1952. He started with a collection that left its mark on fashion history. This is his separation of elegant blouses and light skirts. This collection effectively blended architectural lines and simplicity and was very successful, mainly because it contrasted the constricted look of the time.

From this moment on, the enfant terrible of Haute Couture was born. His slender hips, swan-like necks, spare lines, and slim silhouettes won over many actresses worldwide. In 1955, Hubert de Givenchy introduced the first shirtdress; this began the evolution of the lantern shape and was quite iconic. Audrey Hepburn was Givenchy’s main muse, and she accompanied in developing a style that would revolutionize beauty standards.

In 1969, the launch of the Givenchy Gentlement line became a reference in men’s fashion. After a fashion career of more than 40 years, Hubert de Givenchy retired, sold the Fashion house to the LVMH group in 1988, and retired officially in 1995. Even in his absence, the fashion brand continued to thrive as some of the best creative talents in the fashion industry succeeded the fashion mogul. The first female artistic director of Givenchy, Clare Waight Keller, was appointed in Spring 207 and was the director of Haute Couture and Men and Women’s ready-to-wear.

The Gentlemen Collection

A notable time in Givenchy’s history is when the Gentlemen collection was created. Givenchy created a balance between casualness and classicism for his men’s ready-to-wear collection. This collection was named Givenchy Gentleman and became the most elegant collection for men. Hubert de Givenchy’s fashion pieces are always a reflection of his personal history and temperament. Therefore, his direction is undeniable and resolute. Above all, the Givenchy man who inspired the collection is a gentleman. 

His style reflects aristocratic distinction and restraint. The collection is also a definition of masculine elegance champion and subtly mixes classicism and ease. After releasing the Givenchy Gentleman collection, the designer launched a perfume with the same name in 1975. To date, this perfume still exists alongside the men’s ready-to-wear line. 

Givenchy History – The Brand’s Controversial Style

The chemise, also known as the shift dress, is one of the most debated styles in Givenchy history. The dress is tailored to fall straight down from the shoulders and is a timeless dress design that has become a wardrobe staple for many women. However, in 1957, it was viewed as a revolution. The main reason for this term is that the chemise didn’t have a waistline. This style of fashion has been the talk of the fashion world many times. In discussions, commoners were asked if they would be okay with their wives wearing a chemise and vigorously opposed it. However, these controversies only made the fashion piece even more popular and became trendy in the -20th century. 

Givenchy developed into a powerhouse of an international luxury fashion and perfume house. This brand of haute couture clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and perfumes was a rage. The fashion brand is also privileged to be a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture et du Pret-a-Porter. At this time, the most famous ambassador for the brand was Audrey Hepburn. She was pictured wearing Givenchy’s stylized clothes in other Hollywood hits. She is also referred to as the original brand ambassador, even though there’s been many afterward, like Meghan Markle, Gal Gadot, and Julian Moore.

The company’s most recent brand ambassador is the ultra suave Ariana Grande. The public discovered this in a chic campaign on 9th May 2017, and the caption read ‘The New Face of Givenchy, Revealed Tomorrow.’

Wardrobe Styling

It is because of Givenchy that we have two pieces and jumpsuits today. Luckily, we can pair these items with anything and create a whole new look and vibe for ourselves. Givenchy viewed this mix-and-match concept by comparing styling to decorating. It was due to this that Givenchy launched one of its most iconic pieces: the Bettina Blouse. This was unveiled in 1952 with his very first set. Bettina Graziani was his inspiration, and the blouse was a famous white poplin shirt with voluminous ruffled sleeves and eyelet adornments. 

Over the decades, different versions of the Bettina Blouse appeared in Givenchy designs and other designers’ collections. To date, Givenchy remains one of the most adored luxury fashion brands in the world, and one of the reasons it has remained relevant is its quick adaptation to the online fashion world. The Givenchy e-stores: and are top fashion websites that are convenient, chic, and user-friendly.

Top Givenchy Fashion Pieces in Recent Times

Givenchy fashion house has had many designers over the years, and due to this, the brand has many fashion pieces that have revolutionized the fashion industry. Below, we’ll look at the top items that sum up the Givenchy Fashion House.

Pervert Jersey

One of the top fashion pieces in Givenchy history is the pervert jersey. When Givenchy released this shirt and the many accessories that followed, they were emblazoned with the word ‘PERVERT’ and the number 17. Many people dismissed it as the brand’s attempt at being provocative. However, it was a homage to one of the leading pre-internet streetwear brands. This streetwear brand existed throughout the early 90s in Miami, and its collection included many hip-hop references similar to some pieces under Givenchy by designer Riccardo Tisci. This Givenchy designer was never shy about his love of streetwear and used it as an inspiration for most of his collections. 

The Nike Air Force 1 Collaboration

One of the most exciting collaborations in the fashion industry and Givenchy’s history is the Nike Air Force 1 Collaboration. Riccardo Tisci was the designer at the time and reimagined the famous Air Force 2. This collaboration showed how high fashion could seamlessly merge with sportswear. The shoe led to colourful accents that were common with Givenchy shades. The fashion brand also created two new silhouettes for the collection. 

Kanye Kilt

Kanye Wes wore a Givenchy leather kilt throughout his Watch the Throne tour with Jay Z back in 2011. This was a sentimental moment for hip-hop fashion. West has always connected to the Givenchy house, and this piece paved the way for the fashion house’s new type of experimentation in hip hop fashion. The Fashion houses created many more pieces like never before seen in the fashion industry.

Madonna Sweatshirt

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection came with many neo-gothic religious prints from the Givenchy fashion house. These prints started a trend that could be felt throughout the fashion world. Everyone became obsessed with this pseudo-religious looks, from hip-hop trendsetters to major high-street chains and small boutique labels. However, by the following season, Givenchy moved on from the trend, leaving other brands to pick up the trend it had ushered in. 

Rico-Fit Suit

In 2011, the Rico-Fit Suit was introduced, and it combined the haute-couture looks with an appeal that seemed to attract every man. The Rico-Fit Suit was designed exclusively for the Japanese market. And it came with a soft tweed fabric that made it into an attention-grabbing statement piece.

The Bambi T-Shirt

Another fashion statement piece by Riccardo Tisci is the Bambi T-shirt. He always shared his obsession with romance and cartoons, reflected in the Bambi T-shirt he created. This t-shirt was part of a complete collection that featured the Disney character. However, with Tisci, this style was mixed with an eerie romantic oil painting that darkened its tone considerably. In 2013, the Bambi T-shirt was a must-have for most fashion lovers. 

Rottweiler Jumper

Givenchy is known for its love for bold graphic prints, reflected in many Givenchy fashion pieces throughouGivenchy’shy history. Therefore, this 2011 Rottweiler jumper didn’t come as a surprise. It utilized the menacing rottweiler portrait and was soon a favourite in the fashion and music scenes. Many imitations of this fashion piece and many brands tried to replicate its success, although none did it like Givenchy.

Final Thoughts

Givenchy has made its mark in the fashion industry as one of the world’s oldest and leading fashion brands. Although the brand started with only Haute Couture, Givenchy’s history shows that the brand has explored other markets like hip-hop, streetwear, and many more over the years. Givenchy has always had an in-your-face approach to fashion, one that has both been loved and loathed in the fashion world.

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