Is A Fashion Business Degree Worth It?

Is A Fashion Business Degree Worth It?


Let’s cut to the chase. The short answer is yes. It’s worth your time and money. Consider that the issue here, however, is understanding what your expectations are.

Fashion business schools provide wonderful opportunities, but it’s mandatory that you consider enrolling in one of them for the right reasons. Considering the tuition cost, the workload involved, the living expenses connected to attendance, enrolling into a fashion business school is a big decision and you want to make sure you’re collecting all the most relevant information before jumping into this opportunity.

In this post, we’re going to break down 5 reasons that you should consider when enrolling into a fashion business school, if these reasons are aligned with what you are looking for, then by all means you should go ahead with it.

Here’s a breakdown of our subsections to help you navigate the post.

  1. The Environment + Community is Amazing
  2. The Teacher’s advice on What Mistakes Not to Make
  3. The Career Service
  4. The Commitment it Shows To Employers
  5. The Long-term Connections
  6. Conclusions

1. The Environment + Community is Amazing

Pursuing a career in fashion, as a creative industry is a calling. Pursuing a sector connected to art, design, culture, and society is not something that more conventional education can prepare you for quite in the same way.

This is not because of what you study, but first and foremost because of who you study with. A fashion school is an environment before anything else. It’s a space where students’ creativity and passion are fostered to meet the challenges of a  harsh and unforgiving industry.

In order to understand who you are as a designer, or creative, it’s really useful to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, capable of inspiring you to become who you want to become. In this sense, in fashion schools the environment is unapologetically different from the environment of traditional university, students feel very free to express their identity and this creates a wonderful learning environment of diversity and cultural contamination.

Considering that a school shapes students not only in the context of learning a job but by assisting them in developing a worldview, the one that fashion schools provide is connected to addressing a series of issues cultural and social issues.

So these are some of the benefits connected to joining a community of fellow creatives that can support you throughout your education.

What about the faculty? We’ll address this next element in the following paragraph

2. The Teacher’s advice on What Mistakes Not to Make

Fashion school faculty is different from the one that you would meet in a more traditional university. Fashion school faculty may be connected to a wider professional network, where the instructors come from direct, professional exposure to the subject they are teaching.

This may be a great asset to tackle some of the aspects that make the industry a challenge, in terms of both fashion design and fashion business. Instructors, coming from years of experience have their own track record of success and failure, and will therefore be able to advise on the best practices in the industry, as well as on things to avoid altogether.

In this sense, the conversation with instructors tends to be very practical and objective-oriented in terms of conducting assignments that will not only serve for grading but will be able to add value to your own professional portfolio.

The reason for this focus on career readiness is that fashion schools know how competitive the market is when it comes to attract the best students, and they want to show how successful alumni can be after having completed their degree.

Students can become very successful as they build a great portfolio of projects while they are in class, but also as they find themselves in an environment full of opportunities.

This is also where another great asset comes in, in terms of accessing the job market with the support of high-quality career services.

3. The Career Service

The career service that fashion business schools provide is simply on another level. The reason is that the fashion industry requires in new recruits a combination of characteristics and skills that fashion business schools have been engineered to provide.

This is why many brands -from the small fashion designers to the large conglomerate organizations – build ties with these schools to intercept rising talent even before they have completed their studies.

Moreover, in these environments, it’s easy to just feel a lot of opportunity surrounding you, instructors, administrators, and even fellow students can be a source of opportunity, as the conversations revolve around a proactive career orientation that is shared by every member of the community.

Fashion business schools organize various events devoted to connecting students with potential employers and as a result of all of this, the rates of employment are extremely high.

4. The Commitment it Shows To Employers

The number one thing that employers consider when hiring a new candidate is the degree of passion they display for the industry. Fashion, both for business and design is a competitive sector, requiring employees to be ‘intrinsically motivated’ or essentially being led by their own reasons to excel (aside from compensation).

When applying for a job it can be hard to show the degree of commitment you have in the industry, and tying different experiences together to show motivation can be a challenge for many applicants.

Those who attended fashion business schools, on the contrary, are able to provide a much more focused and aligned career pathway.

With a fashion school displayed on your CV, employers will immediately be able to see your long-term decision to work in the fashion industry, formulated with clarity a long time before you decided to apply for any job.

5. The Long-term Connections

Last but not least, the long-term connections. Almost all of the people that surround you during your studies are part of the industry or will be part of the industry at some point in the future. As a result, as you attend your classes and go about your life, you will build the foundations of a very prolific network.

Your long-term relationships are in this context extremely important, as you’ll find a lot of opportunities connected to being in an environment that shares information regarding upcoming opportunities.

If not for anything else, the benefits of attending a fashion business school are connected to the idea of building a strong network that will assist you during your whole career and will provide you with a competitive advantage when you’ll feel ready to join the workforce.

6. Conclusions

There you have it. In this post, we’ve suggested 5 great reasons why you should consider enrolling in a fashion school. It’s a lot of hard work, but the opportunity to join an environment with a lot of like-minded individuals is something that really adds enormous value to your educational experience.

In this post, we’ve tried to list some of the reasons that make this decision really valuable for students who are  passionate about fashion and want to start their career in this huge  – and still growing – industry.

If you’re looking for content and information on educational and work opportunities in the fashion industry, look no further, below this post you’ll find some suggestions for you to navigate this topic here on 440 Industries.

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Is A Fashion Business Degree Worth It? Enrolling in a fashion business school is a big decision, but is it worth it? In this post, we'll look at 5 reasons why the answer is yes.
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