Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren- Which Is The Better Polo Brand

Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren- Which Is The Better Polo Brand

Men find it relatively easy to make a statement with their outfits today. There are different styles to explore and options that men can enjoy in the men’s fashion world. However, the polo shirt is the one crucial item that seems to be a staple in a man’s wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a classic option, one with striking patterns, or any other type; you’re sure to always find one polo in a man’s wardrobe. This Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren comparison walks you through how the two leading polo brands compare against each other.

It can be pretty tricky to simply choose between the two brands. Simply glancing at the two brands’ polo shirts is confusing as they’re pretty identical. That’s why this article explores the different features that differentiate both brands. In addition, we’ll be delving into the fabrics used by both brands in the creation of their polo shirts and the fit, styling, and pricing of both brands. You’ll find it easy to decide which polo brand is better for you by the end of this article. 

The History of the Polo

Before we delve into the Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren comparison to determine which brand is the better polo brand, we have first to understand how the polo came to be. The polo first originated in Manipur, which is in Northeast London. The British military offers stationed in this Indian state returned home with love for the sport, and it soon gained popularity across England. It was commonly played by the wealthy and upper class of the country.

The uniform worn by the players were riding boots and pants, both sourced from India. On these pants and rubber boots, the players wore a long-sleeve button-down. However, the players soon found the buttoned shirts quite a nuisance. Most times, the collar would flap in the wind while playing. As a result, players often turned to simple solutions like using pins and buttons to hold the collar down.

This continued till John E. Brooks entered the picture. He took note of the players’ solution to the collar issue and sought a more permanent solution. He turned to his tailors to find a more permanent design than what the players used. However, this research started with a personal preference for Brooks’s clothes. The design passed through his family. It became the original button-down polo shirt and made its debut in 1900.

Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren – Lacoste History

The polo shirt we know today didn’t exist until years later and for a different sport. Like Polo players, those who played tennis usually wore a button-down long-sleeve and paired it with a tie and flannel trousers. However, Rene Lacoste found this quite inconvenient and started looking for an alternative that would improve mobility and offer comfort. His designs birthed a short-sleeved. Three-button shirt made from pique cotton. The new polo shirt featured a crocodile logo on the shirt’s left breast. 

He retired from the tennis game in 1930 and collaborated with Andre Glillier to sell Lacoste tennis shirts with the crocodile logo. Lacoste agreed to the partnership, and that was how La Chemise Lacoste was born in 1933. Two decades down the line, Izod acquired the rights to sell and produce Lacoste within the United States. This move helped transform the Lacoste brand from tennis wear to casual style men could wear in their everyday lives. The partnership with Izod didn’t last, and soon Lacoste was on its own and continued to expand exponentially. Despite what many people think, Lacoste is the original manufacturer of the polo and not Ralph Lauren.

Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren – Ralph Lauren History

Ralph Lauren was already in the fashion industry when he decided to branch out and create his brand. He convinced the president of Beau Brummel tie manufacturing to allow him to create a personal line. To facilitate this, Ralph Lauren took a loan and added polo to his name so it would have a sophisticated feel to it. He worked out of a desk drawer in the Empire State Building and made deliveries himself. 

The polo shirt was quite successful; it was available in 24 colors and used synthetic fiber. Then, Bloomingdale began asking for exclusive access to his men’s line and provided Ralph Lauren with his shirt. The Ralph Lauren iconic polo shirt that’s popular today was created two years after his women’s line of tailored suits. The brand grew quite quickly, but its popularity blew through the roof when Ralph Lauren got the contract of dressing the male cast members of the Great Gatsby movie. He put Jay Gatsby in a pink suit during this task, which was quite iconic. 

Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren – An In-depth Comparison

When you decide which is the better brand, you must compare both brands and the features their signature polo offers. Keep reading this Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren comparison for insight into different facets of their brand. 

Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren – The Fabric

Throughout Lacoste’s history, the brand stayed true to the pique cotton it is known for. This is a cotton textile Rene Lacoste invented for his polo. It is apparent in the Lacoste Classic fit and features the highest quality cotton. Lacoste chose this material because of its resistance and softness. The fabric thread is longer than others, making it equally lightweight and durable. Lacoste knits the fabric tightly to create a weave that features small cell-like designs. This allows the shirt to enjoy breathability features. 

On the other hand, Ralph Lauren features a cotton mesh to create their polos. This feature also ensures the polo’s breathability. The space between the fibers created a honeycomb pattern that is significantly different from Lacoste’s design. While both brands use 100% cotton, Ralph Lauren fabrics are thicker with more heft, making them quite durable. The shape and color of the polo are sure to endure for quite a long time, making it fade beautifully.

Style and Fit

It has successfully evolved in terms of style and fit for men’s fashion. Although people use to categorize men’s fashion items under small, medium, and large, the brands offer different sizes and body shapes for their customers. 

Ralph Lauren Style and Fit

Ralph Lauren polos are usually big because they’re wider in the waist. However, they also have a defining feature: the longer back you need to tuck in. There are four different sizes with Ralph Lauren, and they include slim fit, custom slim, big and tall. The classic fit was the standard polo that falls below the belt. However, this polo’s design isn’t past the zipper or the bottom of the pants pocket.

On the other hand, the custom slim are usually shorter in length. They come with a more tailored silhouette to provide customers with a polished look. The Slim Fit category is for toned men who love to show off their bodies. It is pretty tight and shorts. The armholes are usually higher to show the wearer’s arm muscle. Finally, we have the big and tall category, similar to the classic fit. However, they’re the best option when looking for a bigger size for men who have a bigger abdomen. You’ll find a detailed fit chart explaining each polo and the correct measurement on the official Ralph Lauren website.

Lacoste Style and Fit

Most men would argue that the Lacoste polo is truer in size than Ralph Lauren. They’re also wider in the waste than the rival brand. When it comes to polo length in this Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren comparison, Lacoste’s are shorter in length and do not come with a longer back, popular with the Ralph Lauren custom fit shirts. Lacoste comes in three differing fits. One of the options available is the Classic Fit Lacoste Polo. They are wider in the stomach area and feature a straight cut with a spacious sleeve. The second fit from the brand is the slim fit option which offers a tighter waist and narrower sleeve. It is ideal for men with an athletic body build. Finally, Lacoste has the Paris fit, similar to the Slim Fit polo. However, their collar is usually more fun and dressier than the Slim Fit polo.

Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren – Quality and Reputation

When comparing Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, quality reputation is one of the features you’ll need to consider. Below is how Ralph Lauren and Lacoste compare in terms of quality

Ralph Lauren Quality and Reputation

Ralph Lauren is famous for representing the American Dream. This brand offers many All-American styles that appeal to the aspirational generation. Ralph Lauren is always searching for better materials for varying age groups. Ralph Lauren is continually experimenting to find designs that appeal to different ages and groups. Also, Ralph Lauren cares about longevity and timelessness in his polo styles. Therefore, he was always the brain behind most artistic decisions during the expansion period. 

Lacoste Quality and Reputation

Lacoste is famous for its sporty appearance as the polos were originally targeted and tennis players. The brand uses six different fabrics, like the pique, the stretch, and many more. Furthermore, the brand uses an environmentally friendly approach as it carefully follows the principles of sustainable development. In addition, Lacoste ensures that it doesn’t utilize cotton that risks another human’s rights.

Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren – Pricing

Lacoste polos are more exclusive and are pretty hard to come by. Therefore, this makes them pricier than the competition. However, it is easy for the average man to locate Ralph Lauren’s polos and purchase them. You can easily find it in many fashion retail stores. 

Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren: Which Do You Prefer?

This Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren comparison shows that you can expect top-notch quality from each brand. One salient factor that comes into play when deciding which is the better brand is your personality and lifestyle. This helps you determine which brand can easily mold itself into your previous fashion choices. Both brands are polished and ideal for different situations and lifestyles.

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Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren- Which Is The Better Polo Brand Lacoste and Ralph Lauren are two leading polo brands in the market. Read this Lacoste vs Ralph Lauren comparison to learn which is better.
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