Luxury Clothing Brand Name Ideas For You

Luxury Clothing Brand Name Ideas For You

Do you have an idea for luxury clothing brand names that you want to make into a reality? Whether you want to enter the fashion industry or have already started your luxury clothing line, choosing the right name, can be the difference between success and failure. It’s not easy to come up with a name that truly captures the high-end imagination, so why not save time and effort using one of our ready-made name suggestions? We have thousands of ideas to choose from. But if you don’t like any of them, we also offer some luxury clothing branding name ideas that let you come up with a unique luxury clothing brand name.

It’s important to take a quick glance at what this post covers before diving into the specifics of helping you pick a name for your high-end clothing line. Now, with that said, the following are the topics addressed in this article:

  • Reasons why you should choose luxury brand names for your clothing business
  • Creative luxury clothing brand name ideas
  • Inspirational luxury clothing brand names
  • Cool and catchy luxury clothing brand name ideas
  • Unique luxury clothing brand name ideas
  • Established luxury clothing brand names
  • Luxury clothing brand name tips

Reasons Why You Should Choose Luxury Brand Names for Your Clothing Business

There are various reasons why need to choose the right name for your luxury clothing business and they include:

Stand Out From Competitors

If you run a high-end clothing company, you may have noticed plenty of other labels offering virtually identical goods (whether luxury or not). A strong name distinguishes a brand from competitors. While competitors may provide similar products or styles, buyers will still choose you because of your luxurious brand. Of course, you should match your brand’s name to the quality of your products. However, a luxurious brand name can make a great first impression and differentiate from other clothing lines.

Charge Anything You Want

Getting your first few consumers can be challenging for many products. If you need to get your financial footing, you may have to settle for less-than-ideal circumstances. And to get your business off the ground, you can undercut your true worth by charging much less than you should. You can set any price for a complete luxury offering with an established brand and the resources to back it up. Pose as a seasoned pro through your brand name and quality products, and your rates will reflect that. Customers will be willing to pay a premium for your services or purchase your wares if you can demonstrate that you consistently deliver high-quality results.

Attract Ideal Clients

A loyal following arises when consumers and a company’s underlying ideals align. The right customers will find you more easily if your brand name accurately describes your actions. If you run a high-end trouser store trying to draw wealthier customers, your branding should reflect that. It would be appropriate to adopt a name that connotes the caliber of your wares and their price tag. Details like your name are what your ideal customers will remember long after you’ve left their service.

Customer Loyalty

There is a reason why Versace devotees will never switch brands, Armani fans will always appreciate the label, and Gucci fans would never shop anywhere but the house of Gucci. Branding that succeeds raises a company’s profile and attracts customers. Customers are drawn to brands that reflect their ideals and beliefs. They will have a more personal connection to your company if you use branding to highlight your values. In many cases, once customers have developed brand loyalty, they will remain loyal for the rest of their lives and continue to purchase from you.

Established Luxury Clothing Brand Names

First, you can get some great luxury clothing brand name ideas from others who have been successful in this industry. Put simply, you can’t come up with a luxury name for your clothing business if you know nothing about famous luxury clothing brand names. 

Sample of Established Luxury Clothing Brand Names

  • Gucci 
  • Dolce & Gabbana 
  • Louis Vuitton 
  • Chanel 
  • Burberry 
  • Fendi
  • Prada 
  • Versace 
  • Hermes 
  • Cartier 
  • Tiffany 
  • Bvlgari 
  • Yves Saint Laurent 
  • Christian Dior 
  • Ralph Lauren 
  • Valentino 
  • Cartier 
  • Jimmy Choo 
  • Givenchy 
  • Balenciaga 
  • Salvatore Ferragamo 
  • Calvin Klein 
  • Balmain 
  • Anna Sui 
  • Celine 
  • Alexander McQueen 
  • Donna Karan
  • Tommy Hilfiger 
  • Ralph Lauren 
  • Christian Louboutin 
  • Giorgio Armani 
  • Donna Karan 
  • Victoria’s Secret

Creative Luxury Clothing Brand Name Ideas

There are different ways to create creative names for your clothing line. First, you should keep in mind that what you name your brand says a lot about who you are as a designer. What’s more, if you have never designed it before, it is best to choose something straightforward that would allow users to remember it easily.  

Sample of Creative Luxury Clothing Brand Names

  • Royal Experience
  • Bientrix 
  • Luvelle 
  • Fine Fashion 
  • Shannel
  • Blue Couture
  • Couturistic Gowns
  • Poshfash
  • Highend ONly
  • 1st Fash
  • Tier Line
  • Creme deTOP
  • Luxuriously Excellent
  • Cluitton 

Inspirational Luxury Clothing Brand Names

It’s not easy to find a name for a high-end fashion line. You need some motivation, and you need to inspire the people buying from you. They should know that it takes effort to be able to fork large sums of money to purchase certain clothing products. That said, this luxury clothing brand name ideas section highlights some examples of inspirational luxury brand names you can use for your clothing business.

Sample of Inspirational Clothing Brand Names

  • Mama I Made It Fashion Line 
  • The Ultimate Luxury 
  • Dress Expensively 
  • The New High-End 
  • Best for Best Fashions
  • Pure Luxe 
  • High-End Fashions 
  • Finest Quality Only 4U
  • That’s Class
  • Only The Finest 
  • Exquisite Clothline
  • Masterpiece 
  • Top Of Line 
  • Ultra Luxe 
  • All Inclusive
  • Supreme Quality 
  • Incredible Effort Wears
  • If You Have To Ask, You Can’t Afford It 
  • Unlimited Budget 
  • Expectations Exceeded
  • Nothing Less Than Perfect 
  • Money Well Spent 
  •  Dreamz Come True
  • Egoistic
  • The Next Big Thing 
  • Priceless
  • Designer At Heart

Cool and Catchy Luxury Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton are classic names in fashion. If you’re looking for a stylish name for your new clothing brand, these three may inspire you to come up with something cool and attractive. There are many cool and catchy luxury clothing brand names out there – all you need is a bit of class and creativity. 

Sample of Catchy and Cool Brand Names

  • Classic Bonita 
  • Duxe Wears 
  • Elegant Designs 
  • Fanciful Fashions 
  • Passionate Pup 
  • Fabulous Fashion 
  • Sassy Style 
  • Chic Chic 
  • Snazzy Clothes 
  • Dazzling Design 
  • Stylish Silhouette 
  • Bold Blouse 
  • Couture Closet 
  • Pretty Promises 
  • Refined Look 
  • Classy Capsule 
  • Adorable Attire 
  • Vogue-Vogue 
  • Stunning Star

Unique Luxury Clothing Brand Name Ideas

The most difficult aspect of beginning a clothing brand is coming up with a unique name. Nothing hurts more than constantly discovering a name and then searching it only to discover that it is already in use by someone else. So why not give yourself a competitive advantage by developing a distinct brand name? And that is why you need distinctive luxury apparel brand names ideas to help you brainstorm and possibly inspire your own.

Sample of Unique Luxury Clothing Brand Names

  • Sweet Tea Silhouettes 
  • Diamond Noir 
  • Black Label 
  • Velvety 
  • Wowlothing 
  • Black Silk 
  • Black Swan 
  • Red Label 
  • Grey Goose 
  • Velvet Rope 
  • White Silk Label 
  • Brightest Look 
  • White Swan 
  • Opulence Spots 
  • Blush Once Dress Good
  • Giorgio Chic 
  • Calvin Maine
  • Fendinel 
  • Gucciarmani

Luxury Clothing Brand Name Tips

We cannot end this discussion without sharing luxury clothing brand name ideas that you might use to come up with your own high-end business name for your clothing brand name.

Use Cool/Classy Terms

The key to developing successful high-end brand names is to avoid utilizing trendy or cool terms and instead focus on being classy and refined. Branding is about giving the impression that your company has superior quality and taste. Therefore, while thinking of phrases to use in your luxury brand name ideas, go for terms that convey a sense of class and elegance. This is the kind of language that will make you stand out and establish a solid reputation.

Create Keywords

Making a list of keywords that conjure images of high-end fashion, sophistication, and elegance is an excellent place to start when brainstorming names for luxury apparel brands. Luxury, deluxe, uber, Haute, couture, and the word “style” are all good options here. Then, use those terms to come up with exciting brand names.

Research Name Availability

The next step is deciding on a brand name, researching its availability, and then developing a logo and other marketing materials. Numerous new business owners mistake registering a name before verifying that it isn’t already in use. Be careful not to repeat my error! Check online to see if the premium brand names you’re considering using are already in use, trademarked, or otherwise restricted in any way.

Incorporate Another Language, Especially French

Many of the best and most successful luxury brands and enterprises in the world are named after lovely European words or other phrases from other languages. For this reason, many of us equate the sound of languages like French (which has these qualities) with the idea of luxury and beauty. Consequently, if you want to take your brand to the next level, incorporating another language into the name would be a good idea.

Consider Your Target Group

When choosing a name for your new business, there are many factors to consider. Where you live, and your target market are just two things that influence naming decisions. However, one factor in particular might be overlooked: trademarking. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with having a common name for your clothing brand, you’re far more likely to face competition if you do so.

The Bottom Line

The main advantage of choosing a luxury brand name is that your brand will stand out from competitors. Luxury brands command a premium price, which allows you to charge more for your products than non-luxury brands. Additionally, a luxurious brand name gives you a competitive edge over those businesses that sell lower-priced goods. With a little bit of creativity and research, it’s possible to find names for your clothing line or company that are attractive and memorable. When naming a high-end retail establishment, it’s important to create names that will attract potential customers’ attention, whether they are passing by or browsing online. These names require considerable thinking and creativity, and they typically incorporate one or more distinctive words or expressions that connote high quality.

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