Yeezy vs Jordan Case Study: Competing at the Top

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Kanye West’s Yeezy from Adidas and Mike Jordan’s Air Jordan’s from Nike are at the peak of the sneaker game. So, Yeezy vs Jordan, which one is the better sneaker brand?   While the correct answer to this question is subjective, we can all agree that both are iconic billion-dollar sneaker empires making waves in the fashion world. Somehow, the battle between the brands is like a David and Goliath story. Of course, the world’s greatest basketball player Mike is the Goliath with all the muscle, armor, and potential to win. While we are not calling the iconic rapper Kanye West the winner of this challenge, we acknowledge that Yeezys have great potential. 

If you’re a sneakerhead, I’m sure you wonder whether Yeezy jumped over the Jumpman, as Kanye claims in his lyrics. Well, the truth is still not clear-cut. What we know for sure is that Kanye apologized to Mike for the diss. In this blog, we will study facts about the two big brands. Let’s find out whether Kanye’s Yeezy’s stand a chance of taking down the most popular basketball sneakers of all time—the Jordan’s.

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Yeezy Vs Jordan; Let the Battle Begin!

Three things are true. First, Michael Jordan is an icon and one of the most celebrated basketball players worldwide. Second, Kanye West is one of the most influential innovators in music entertainment history. Third, both Jordan’s and Yeezy sneakers are shoe brands people would kill to own. Let’s compare the two brands further to settle the Yeezy vs Jordan.

Hop on in!


Let’s be honest we all buy things because we think they look good. From an aesthetic standpoint, let’s just say both sneakers have something appealing in their designs. Yeezy’s are show stoppers and can effortlessly stand out from the crowd of designer shoes. On the other hand, Jordan’s are a classic design. Even new models of the brand don’t stray far off the original concept. Jordan’s have made top sales for decades, so we can all agree they have eye-catching aesthetics.

Yeezy’s V2 Cream and V2 Butter sneakers warmed the hearts of many. Fans of the brand don’t exactly call the rest of the models ugly. However, many have insinuated that their colorways and simple designs don’t match the sneaker’s price range. Compared to Jordan’s that always seem to hit the markets with new colorways each year, we can confidently say that the Nike brand takes home the crown for its good looks.


Yeezy vs Jordan; Comfort

Comfort is a big deal when shopping for basketball shoes. It is one of the elements that can help us settle the Yeezy vs Jordan tournament. Nike’s vision and mission are to create sports shoes that are comfortable, lightweight, and durable. As such, we cannot complain about Jordan’s comfort levels. However, it is also true that the brand tends to stick to a specific design that may not suit all shapes of feet out there.

On the other hand, Yeezy’s may not have the best overall design, thanks to their grandpa vibe. On the bright side, their thick cushioning and stretchy exteriors can make your tired feet feel as though they are resting on a puffy pillow.



This far, Yeezy’s and Jordan’s have a draw. We can break the Yeezy vs Jordan tie by doing a hype match-up. Well, Kanye is always on social media. If he’s not deep into controversial rants, he’s probably talking about his music or sneakers. Consequently, Yeezy’s creates a great buzz on all social media platforms. It is also a fact that young people are into music, which gives Kanye an extensive and more diverse following of fans.

In terms of social media hype, Yeezy’s win, hands down. However, Jordan is a big name that spreads like wildfire with or without too much social media activity. Thanks to the aesthetics and quality of the sneakers, Nike’s Air Jordan sales metrics are up the roof. Furthermore, not many brands can beat Nike in its social media marketing strategy. So this makes it possible for Michael Jordan to create a huge buzz, despite Kanye’s tweets.

Win: Yeezy’s

Social Influence

Let’s get one thing clear, the six-time NBA champion Mke Jordan may not be on social media but has a Jordan Page. His Instagram page enjoys a following of over 22 million people from across the world. People have a soft spot for the basketball icon, irrespective of whether he is active on social media platforms or not.

That said, social media hype and social media influence are two different things. Kanye is king on social media. However, Jordan has a more significant social influence. His is a story of rebellion, resilience, and triumph. The Jordan’s tell a story, making them priceless sneakers. People gravitate towards the Jordan’s for more than just their design and logo. The shoes played a major role in making sneakers the supreme apparel they are today. Jordan’s earned their legitimacy and success from the success of a real basketball player—Mike Jordan. On the other hand, consumers love Yeezy’s mainly because of Kanye. If it were not for his hype and sense of style, the sneakers could easily pass for regular shoes.

Win: Jordan’s

Yeezy vs Jordan; Celebrity Influence

Here’s a chance for us to break the Yeezy vs Jordan tie. Well, Jordan’s have reigned in the markets for decades before the introduction of Yeezy’s. Moreover, the sneaker brand enjoys endorsement by NBA, NFL, and MLB superstars like Chris Paul, Lebron James, and Russell Westbrook. 

When thriving athletes have a seat at the table and can design their shoes, this takes Jordan’s celebrity influence to a whole new level. Better still, it allows enhanced artistic variation and increased marketing and exposure of the brand. Even superstars like DJ Khaled are always happy to show off their new Jordans on their social media pages. On the other end, the making, designing, and sponsorship of Yeezy’s is a one-person show.


Hype vs Quality

Sneakers marked with MJs or Kanye’s names are guaranteed to generate raffles. Whether the shoes are incredible or outright crap, they are bound to create irrational tiers of hype. So, are Yeezy’s worth their hype? Do Jordan’s match up to their quality with their visual appeal? Well, the correct answer is always in the eye of the beholder. However, both brands invest heavily in wear tests before launching new sneaker models. While isolated complaints are hard to dodge, both Jordan’s and Yeezy’s are durable sneakers that live up to their hype.

Win: It’s A Draw!


In 2017, the air Jordan brand generated a revenue of 3.1 billion USD. In short, if Air Jordan’s weren’t a subsidiary of Nike during that year, it would have earned more than Adidas. Sneakerheads don’t pay much attention to price tags. As such, they will always buy sneakers and spend as much as they can to quench their thirst for great shoes. Jordan’s have been around for longer, and the brand boasts massive collections of different designs. This may attribute to the high sales with each passing year. Thanks to the sheer stock volume of Jordan’s, the increased sales trends will likely not change any time soon.

Win: Jordan

Yeezy vs Jordan; Resell Value 

The retail price for Yeezys is much higher than the cost of Jordan’s. It could be because the latter is mass-produced in foreign countries, including China and Indonesia. As dictated by the rules of supply and demand, the cost of Jordan’s is lower because the sneaker brand floods the market. Consequently, Jordan’s, especially the non- Special Edition(SE) varieties, don’t have much to offer in their resell value.

Things are different when it comes to Jordan SE’s. Such models can go for as high as $2,000 to match the usual resell price of SE Yeezys. On the other hand, Limited Edition Jordan’s can have a resale value of as high as $4,000. OG models can even go for an impressive $20,000 and still sell like hotcakes. For instance, Drake rewarded a fan with his OVO Jordan’s. The fan sold them on eBay for a clean $100,000. Meanwhile, we are yet to hear of a Yeezy model resold for more than $10,000.

Win: Jordan’s


People will always spend what they must to get the things they want. So, Yeezy vs Jordan, which brand is in higher demand? Which of the two sneaker designs are people begging for in online and land-based retail stores? According to the masses, Yeezy’s are in higher demand. In June, Adidas had to restock their limited release, specifically the Yeezy Boost in Black.

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Adidas has a trend of only releasing limited editions of Yeezy’s sneakers. This makes each pair more expensive and ultimately gives it a chance to score a higher resell value. When we do a Yeezy vs Jordan comparison, Yeezys are rarer, and people buy them with the assurance of making massive profits in the secondary market. On the other hand, Jordan’s are flooded in the market, which somehow waters down their demand.

Win: Yeezy’s

No Biff!

Let’s wrap up the Yeezy vs Jordan contest; who wins? Well, the rivalry between the two brands is a great win for both Adidas and Nike. If you love sneakers with a classic style, you should settle for Jordans. On the other hand, Yeezy’s have a youthful style, and having several pairs of the sneaker in your closet is a must. So, did Kanye’s Yeezy’s jump the Jumpman? Nope. Does the Air Jordan reign supreme in the world of sneakers? Still no. Both brands have serious bragging points that make them champions in their own rights. The bottom line is that a good fraction of Jordan’s fan base consists of Yeezy fans and the other way around.

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Yeezy vs Jordan Case Study: Competing at the Top Dive in for a heated Yeezy vs Jordan contest. Let’s do a head-to-head of the two brands to find out which one is better and why.
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